2019 has a lot in store for Controversgirl!

As of February 1st there will be a new YouTube video/ blog post every second Thursday.

Introducing “ControversgirlZzz”

Roise McIntyre aka my baby sister is the first to kick off the new segment ‘Controversgirlz’ with her poetry.

Due to begin Monday February 4th and will continue every second Monday afterwards.

For more information on what ‘Controversgirlz’ is all about head to the new section ‘Controversgirlz’ located in the category bar at the top of the website.

You’re also looking at the newest columnist for UL’s online newspaper & magazine, ‘An Focal’.

I will be writing a fashion column under the title Controversgirl on a weekly basis now.


Aside from my own content, it’s a really good hub of young talented writers that I’m sure you’ll find something of interest in so be sure to head to the website (following the link above) and show it some love!c

Controversgirl has finally hit YouTube!

Watch my first YouTube video right here!

Get to know what inspired me to make my very own YouTube, exploring the tough questions surrounding my hair and cultural appropriation and what’s in store for Controversgirl in 2019!

Graphic design student Farouk Alao talks racism, confidence and itโ€™s effect on his career in the modelling industry.

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Do you ever feel trapped by imaginary boxes society has put you in?

Read this think piece on Unwritten Rules in “Just a Thought”

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If you like reading think pieces such as this then keep an eye on this space as there will be more content flowing on these topics this upcoming year!

Why the name Controversgirl ?! >>>> “WHY”