It does it exactly what it says on the tin. If you’ve too much of it, it dents your reputation. Too little and it dents your opportunities.

It seems like you just can’t win. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Think for a moment where all your connotations, both negative and positive, about confidence come from?

Probably from a mixture of friends, family, television, social media. What all these things have in common is that they’re all factors of society. And guess what? So are we. Society is what influences us and we are a part of it. We are society, we have the power. We can make a change.


“Your one loves herself” .. “She only loves the sound of her own voice”. In recent months I have really began to ponder comments like these and question why is it that we take such a hatred to self love and confidence? But still I am left with nothing, I cannot seem to crack the anti-confidence code. I cannot speak for other countries but I feel for the Irish an anti-confidence attitude is just a given. It’s almost as if it’s born in our blood, we don’t even give it thought we just naturally reject confidence because well, thats just what we do. And I am no saint to this either, I too once was a confidence Nazi back before I discovered the enlightening process of thinking for myself rather than following the crowd. But regardless, I am guilty of uttering such things as “she’s so cocky” .. “He loves himself” and now looking back I have no idea what the basis for these comments were, I don’t even think I knew back then either, I just did it to do it.

Maybe it’s out of jealousy? Jealousy that someone else has a confidence that we don’t? But even jealousy doesn’t seem to fit right, because that implies we want the confidence they have which isn’t exactly true either. It’s more of a disgust, as if loving oneself is an outrage. Not disgust in a personal sense but more so as a default setting, we see confidence and automatically reject it without even stopping to consider what exactly it is we are hating on. A simple example we can all relate to is selfies. We all know someone fond of taking selfies and it’s no secret there are one too many selfie Nazis out there ready to shoot down anyone who shows the slightest bit of self love. A lot of the time the reason for this is quite simply narrow-mindedness. It’s like they have a list with only confidence on it, so once that’s ticked off, that’s it, they look no further. All they see is a selfie, they don’t stop to consider the person behind it because considering them wasn’t on their list. Stop yourself for a moment and think: what’s so bad about someone liking a picture of themselves? What’s wrong with someone being proud of their own body? What’s the matter with someone being confident in their own talents or looks?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I honestly can’t think of one thing wrong with any of the above and I think if people take the time to stop and think for themselves, they too will come to the same conclusion. Once you have the understanding that confidence is a good thing, the world becomes your oyster. You start to see people and things in a new and positive light. And more importantly you start to see YOURSELF in a new and positive light.

Let me make something very clear: Confidence is a skill, it’s not hereditary. A big misconception with confidence is that you either have it or you don’t. I can see why people think this, some people give the impression they came out the womb strutting their stuff shamelessly whereas others seem afraid of their own shadow. My whole life confidence has been a struggle for me. I have always shied away from myself and my own talents and looking back it’s hard to pinpoint a reason for this- It’s not like I have oppressive parents (my parents are so encouraging and supportive), I did all the cliche confidence boosting shit as a kid like drama and singing and so on- so then why didn’t I have confidence? If confidence is a skill then why didn’t I grasp it? I had all the right tools so why didn’t they work?

I had no self belief, that’s why.

If you tell yourself you can’t do something than chances are you won’t be able to. Think about it- if you’re in a race and before it starts you tell yourself you’re not gonna win then it’s unlikely you will run to your full potential because you have already told yourself you’re not good enough. In your mind you’ve already lost the race. Confidence in everyday life is no different to this- if you convince yourself you’re gonna get no likes on the selfie you took, before you even post it, then it’s unlikely it’ll make it to the gram. If you believe your voice isn’t good enough to be heard then it’s unlikely you’re gonna put yourself first in line for karaoke. Remember that every little thing has stemmed from the human mind- cars didn’t just appear out of thin air, someone thought of it. This counts for emotions too- yeah maybe you’re angry because your sister stole your clothes again (SO to Gracie) but it’s your brain that is processing that anger. Your mind is so powerful and the best part is it’s all yours. You can control what you think. Really, really think about this for a minute and let it soak in because it can apply to far more than just confidence. Whether it be that your angry or heartbroken or sad, you have the power to shift your thoughts. For me low self esteem was something I needed to kick out of it’s cosy little spot in my brain and replace with positive confidence thoughts.

I have always struggled with confidence issues. I know, especially for those who don’t know me personally, this may seem tough to get your head around. I know what you’re thinking “how could someone posting half naked pictures of themselves have no confidence?” .. “how can you have low self esteem putting your opinions out there to the public” .. These are all fair arguments and I see your point but you have to bear in mind how deceiving social media can be. A picture may speak a thousand words but at the end of the day, its a picture. You’re choosing what pictures you post, you’re choosing what you want to share. I have chosen to share a more confident me.

Let me backtrack a little first. Growing up my confidence always hindered me. For as long as I can remember, I always had a constant feeling of not being good enough and this affected me in various factors of my life. I never thought I’d win the race, never thought a guy would like me, never thought I’d be picked to sing. They’re the most obvious examples but there are others too like the fact I genuinely did not think anyone would have interest in what I had to say so I would literally shy away from speaking. I have to say a lot of this, in my case, came down to anxiety (anxiety and confidence go hand in hand in my life story but that’s a topic for another day) but I think the inferior feeling associated with confidence is something a lot of people, regardless of having anxiety or not, can relate to. I was in a terrible cycle of repeatedly telling myself I wasn’t good enough and you know what the major problem in this is? Your brain will believe whatever you tell it!! If you really want to believe a pink wall is blue, if you keep staring at it and repeatedly telling yourself it’s blue, I guarantee you’ll at least start to question it if not believe it. I would tell myself things like “you’re never gonna get your dream career” .. “you’ll never get those points in the leaving cert” .. “you’re never gonna be as pretty as her” and I believed every word of it.

Now that I look back, it makes me so sick to think of all the time I wasted putting myself down, all the missed opportunities because I didn’t even want to try. Rationally speaking, if everyone had this “not even gonna try” outlook on life nothing would be done. Take my blog for example, for so long I dreamt of making my own blog but what kept holding me back was the thought that it would not be good enough, that nobody would want to hear my voice. If every other blogger out there had this attitude there would be none- blogging wouldn’t be a thing! Everybody has to start somewhere- every blogger had to sit down, just like I did, and contemplate what content they want to post and what domain name they want to use. Theres no doubt Youtubers like Dodie had the same jitters I did when they started out, they were probably just as scared as me. Sure Thomas Edison was ridiculed for the creation of the lightbulb but did it stop him from producing one of the best inventions of all time? No.

Right about now I’m sure you’re thinking “Well what good is it to me hearing about Thomas Edison, I’m nothing like him” .. Eh, eh thats where you’re wrong. You’re breathing aren’t you? A heartbeat? A brain? You’re everything like him! Because you are human. We are all built in the same way, nobody is inferior or superior to anyone else. Yes, we may speak different languages, have different coloured skin, even different talents but nothing takes from the fact we all share the common ground of humanity. We are all born with potential, it’s how we choose to use this potential that differentiates us. Sure, education and resources come into account but none of this matters without self belief. What good is it having a shiny new state of the art car if you don’t know how to drive it? Forget money and material items for a minute and focus on yourself because if you can believe in yourself, you can have anything.

So next time you’re sobbing, over a tub of ice-cream, comparing yourself unfavourably to someone currently living your dream future, stop and remind yourself they’ve nothing over on you. They’re human, just like you are. If they can do it, so can you. And I know there’s so many other factors that come into play here, like money and status etc but these are just things. They can be acquired. Confidence comes from within, its 100% free and its 100% necessary to succeed in all walks of life. So stop shying away from yourself. If you want to make a blog too then just bite the bullet and do it. If you want 400 points in you leaving cert then believe you can do it. I can’t stress the importance of just putting yourself out there and trying. If you’re not in the race then you have no chance of winning- If you want something then you have to put yourself in a position to get it. Worst case scenario it’s a flop but even at that, you learn a lot from a failure.

I just want to finish by saying how precious each and every one of you are. Unfortunately I don’t think theres any non-cliche way of saying that but I just really want to stress the point that we are all so important, the universe makes no mistakes, you are here for a reason. You have a purpose. So don’t let self esteem issues stop you from finding it.

Expect to see a follow up to this post in the next few days on some Positivity tips for all areas in life but for now let me leave you with some short tips on how I have gained so much confidence 🙂

1.) The Secret & other books

2.) Youtubers – Mika Francis

3.) Meditation

4.) Self Affirming Quotes

5.) Encouraging People

(I’ll further expand on these in my next post)

Check yo’self

You know when your outfit turns out exactly how you envisioned it, you nailed your makeup and even your lashes didn’t cause you hassle? As if the lookbook Gods came down from the heavens to bless you with a picture perfect outfit? We all have an outfit in mind reading this. Just so happens this one is mine.

Without further ado, let’s get outfit talkin’Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This outfit packs a whole lot of attitude and oh boy did I feel it wearing it- I felt like I just stepped off the set of the next Step Up movie kitted out in my sporty urban attire.

The top half of the outfit is entirely from Pretty Little thing which I must say have a great range of edgy contemporary clothing that make you feel like you belong on a Pinterest moodboard and all for quite a reasonable price too! The black and white cropped “flag top”, as one of my friends referred to it, and the black and white striped Adidas joggers provided a nice sense of symmetry to the outfit, tying it all together. However, the contrast in patterns – striped on the pants and checkered on the top- created just the right  amount of spice to keep things fun. The Adidas joggers followed by the Adidas superstars made for a nice switcharoo, almost like a mirror image with the switch in stripe colours and also further contributing to the alternating black and white theme. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, the key to bomb outfits is playing with colours – different patterns, materials – it all adds to the end product.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The bralet added just the right amount of colour to break up all the black and white. The whole underboob look wasn’t intentional, in fact it was more an outfit malfunction that ended making the outfit better than I initially planned (I really did have someone watching over me that night lol).  It added an extra saucy twist on the outfit! The red to black and white combo is a classic look used and reused for decades now and it just doesn’t seem to get old- but hey you know what they say, if its not broken, don’t fix it!

And now for the accessories and suchhh..

I have to admit my favourite part of this outfit wasn’t the outfit itself but rather the hair that accompanied it. Unfortunately for the blog (but fortunately for me) I was having too much of a good time to take pics at the event so the images in this, in the blonde wig, are from a shoot I did at home but here’s a quick pic of my hair on the night >>IMG_3881

As you can see I’m a proper curly sue!! If it wasn’t such a painstakingly long process to get my hair to look like this Id probably be repping the Irish dancing look everyday. However, for the purpose of this blog I took some pics at home and decided to go with my blonde wig which I think works great too! Wigs are still something a lot of people are on the fence about but I think with the increasing popularity wigs are receiving on social media and such, they will start to become more acceptable. The way I see it is, none of us are 100% natural 100% of the time. Now of course as with everything there are exceptions, some people don’t do anything of the following and thats okay too, I’m not saying people aren’t good enough as they are, I think we are all beautiful as we are and we should all embrace ourselves in our skin. However, for a lot of us there is some attraction in sprucing up our regular selves to become our alter sexy ego. For many this means putting on makeup, tan, eyelashes, hair extensions, heels, padded bras .. All of these things could be deemed just as fake as wigs so then why is it wigs are so frowned upon? I’m the type of person who loves to constantly change up my look. Because of this Im often faced with the temptation to dye my hair but the problem with this is it’s just not good for it and a lot of the time a pain to reverse when I change my mind again in a weeks time. The perfect solution to this are wigs. Want pink hair today? Pop on the wig. Brown hair tomorrow? Go au-natural. Its ideal really! I’m not gonna go off on a rant about wigs but maybe its something to reconsider if you’ve been hating on them up until now.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

In the process of recreating this look I decided to put a new twist on it by painting my eyelashes white with white liner. Although this decision was impulsive I was quite happy with how it turned out and wouldn’t be surprised if it made a re-appearance in the near future.

Anyway hope you enjoy x




RA!NBOW #4; Walking on Sunshine

Yello! (Already off to a cheesy start, just great)

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAs you can probably guess from the first word, this post is dedicated to the colour yellow. To me it seems obvious what this colour represents but just to make sure we’re all on the same wave length, let me hold your hands on the yellow brick road to get us there. Yellow is sunshine. It’s bright, it’s jolly, it’s happy. I don’t know why it is that we associate bright colours with happiness and dark ones with sadness, I’m sure there’s some deep psychological meaning behind it but what I do know is that bright colours make me really happy and for now that’s enough for me. The colour yellow quite literally turns my frown upside down. For someone who takes such enjoyment in writing and description, it’s unusual for me to be caught for words but I have no way of describing yellow. It just makes me happy, that’s all I got. It’s just happy. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that I love wearing it. This outfit is all about happiness. Remember La-la from Teletubbies? Well this is her now! That’s the thing about bright colours, I think a lot of the time we associate them with children. As children we tend to be drawn to bright colours and loud noises, I guess this is our way of figuring out our senses but regardless the point is, we always seem to be put in colourful clothing. It’s just the “done” thing for kids. Then as people get older, it’s almost like the colour in their fashion sense begins to fade with age. Suddenly the cool kid dress code is a plain white top and jeans, and colour remains with the next generation of children. And there’s nothing wrong with this, I can appreciate a plain Jane anymore than the next woman, but what is it with people being scared of a splash of colour? I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, I’m really not slashing minimalistic white and black tones, nothing beats a classic LBD. My problem with these complacent colours isn’t with the colours itself but rather with the motive of the people wearing them. The way I see it is, personally, if I want to go on a night out and I want to look nice enough to get noticed but not attract too much attention I will wear something minimalistic. Basically I’ll wear something similar to what the majority of other girls wear because it will provide me with the security of social acceptance before I have even left the house. I’m not wearing it because I’ve any major love for the outfit in question but because it eliminates the possibility of walking into a room and getting queer looks because people don’t approve of it. So my question is: if I think like this on occasion, then how many girls think like this on a regular basis? How many girls are wearing outfits out of the desire to fit in rather than because they genuinely like them? How many girls have an entirely different fashion sense to what they actually wear, but refrain from expressing it out of fear of negative attention? Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Fashion is a platform to express yourself. If you love the colour pink than why not try and incorporate it into your look? So what if everyone else is wearing black. Stand out, it’s not a bad thing. This applies to everything, not just the childish stigma surrounding bright clothes. If you like patterns or weird hair colours or whatever else your heart desires than don’t wait another second, go for it. I know theres a risk of rejection or being the topic of conversation but one thing Ive learned is that people will always find something to talk about. Whether you’re following the crowd or not, you’re at risk of criticism so you may as well get criticised for something you care about. Just do you hun.

Okay so back to buí (for anyone who doesn’t speak Irish here’s your lesson of the day, buí = yellow). Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So as I was saying bright colours can often be avoided by people out of fear of rejection as they seem to hold tight associations with children more so than adults. As you’ve probably noticed I welcome bright colours with open arms, in fact they’re mostly all I wear. In this outfit I wore an all yellow self proclaimed two-piece. Although the yellows in the skirt and top are two different shades, I think they blend really well together and the off balance in yellow tones makes for a really nice finish to the look.

Now for the STOCAÍÍÍÍ !!! (Word #2: stocaí = socks).Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I have been so excited to show off these socks. I wanted to get my hands on a pair for so long and I finally bit the bullet and splashed the cash because I simply could not go another day without them in my life. These are of course the Unif banana socks from their collection of fruit socks. I just think they’re the perfect fun addition to an outfit. They’re totally childish but hey, that’s what fashions all about. It’s suppose to be fun so live a little, wear bananas on your socks!

I was really uncertain about how the beret would look with my fringe but I was quite happy with how it turned out and I loved how it pulled the outfit together and gave it a French twist. The beret trend is one which I have admittedly fallen head over heels for, I think berets are the perfect addition to any outfit and would love to see more people giving this trend a taste.

Finally, the makeup choice was on a bit of a whim. If haute couture models can do it then why can’t I? You know what they say – fake it till you make it!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Honestly you’re gonna be sick to death of my blog because every post is gonna have some inspirational message about self expression incorporated into it – I mean technically I did warn you in my opening post. But seriously, I’m going to keep saying it because the more you read it and say it out loud to yourself the more you’re gonna start to believe it. You’re gonna believe that being yourself is the only way to be. Be true to yourself. Love yourself. Do you. x

beret @booohoo

socks @unif

glasses @prettylittlething

skirt @zara

top @zara

hoops @primark

One Way Ticket to College

Oh, Secondary School, what fond memories I have! How I miss riding up the rainbow road to school on my unicorn every morning, to be greeted by my smiling peers. What a treat it was to sit around in a circle of love sharing all positive thoughts about one another. Oh what a shame it was to leave behind the best days of my life in such a colourful place!

*cue the scratching vinyl*

Hold up, whaaat?

Whatever popped into your head reading that most certainly wasn’t my school, for a matter of fact, I doubt it’s even on this planet.

The horrible brutal truth about secondary school is it’s not all rainbows and roses, it’s not a walk in the park, in fact it’s far from it. For most people it’s an experience to be endured, more so than enjoyed – pay close attention to the word “most” – this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are some people who are fortunate enough to have had an all-round pleasant experience of second level education which is of course great-for them. But on the other hand, there’s a large majority of people who for whatever reason found secondary a difficult period in their life. This post is for those people because they are the ones who need it.

I was, partly, one of those people. In this post I hope to share the wisdom I gained from my experience, but before we get to that there’s some business I need to round off first.

Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start (this one’s for all you musical lovers- my posts are literally getting cringier by the day). Okay so secondary school- what springs to mind? Mornings, gum, gossip, more gum ..

A lot of the time when people discuss their negative thoughts about secondary school they direct all their anger at the institution itself. And yes to an extent, I agree with this, the education system in Ireland is extremely unjustly but that is a topic for another day. For me, I believe, the biggest factor contributing to the negativity surrounding secondary schools is society itself. And who makes up society? US – parents, teachers, students. Looking at it in that light it’s easy to see why people are more inclined to shift the blame on the school and it’s rules rather than looking at ourselves, I mean nobody likes accepting blame.

On top of all the, 13+ years, influence you’ve gained from your homelife, secondary school throws you in with even more influence from your peers. Speaking for myself, I came from a small country school with about 60 students all coming from the immediate area. My average day consisted of playing cops and robbers in school, travelling the whole 2 minute journey home to eat dinner then maybe walking to the nearest shop with my friends before my daily breakdown at Mario Bros on the DS. Clearly I wasn’t as tech savvy as primary school kids nowadays but I’m sure a lot of people reading this now will be able to relate.

Secondary school was a shock to the system. Suddenly I was in classes half the size of my primary school with people from neighbouring towns I had never taken much notice of before. To be quite honest, I don’t think I even had friends from a “town” before this, as I lived in the country almost all my friends were neighbours of mine. As my friend group began to grow, so did my “teen tumour”. The “teen tumour” is what I like to call the part of the brain that eat, sleeps, breaths everything stereotypically teenager-ish. You know- clothes, popularity, music, boys- basically everything to do with image and “fitting in”. Fitting in is a big thing in secondary school. I think it has to do with a mixture of 2 things: human nature and social influence. Naturally, as humans we crave security and comfort. Animals achieve a sense of this by moving in flocks or herds, often, so too do humans. Society is the part that influences what it is our “flock” is following. Although society has been a factor our whole lives, secondary school tends to be a time where your parents pull back the reigns a bit and let you, to a certain extent, guide your own life. So in other words, it’s a time where you have more control over what factors of society you have access to ie. the internet, tv, certain people. As I said earlier, you’re exposed to a lot of new people from new places, often with different backgrounds and experiences to you. These people leave a mark on you, because whether you realise it or not all the new things they introduce you to leave an impression which influences you. These people could be encouraging you to watch new tv shows, listen to new music, wear certain clothes, all of which you’ll most likely oblige to with little hesitation as your biggest concern is to “fit in”. I think at this age we are most impressionable, as our whole lives up until this point we’ve been following our parents or teachers influence, it’s like we’re naturally programmed to follow what’s presented to us so we just soak all of it up. I remember buying yoga pants for no other reason than that every other girl did it so instinctively I felt I needed to too. It had nothing to do with liking the pants or having any real desire to own a pair but rather simply because it was what was done.

cwote: “ it will get better. ”

This is where shit gets complicated. In about second year, as everybody now knows each other and the first year novelty of meeting new people has worn off, groups begin to form according to status (primarily based on shifting and who you know), similar interests (or faked interests) and convenience. As we’ve already established secondary school is all about “fitting in” and “following the flock” .. so then what about the people who don’t feel they fit into any particular group? Maybe they fit in in certain areas like music but their clothing choice differs? They can’t split themselves in two so which group do they choose? Can you fit into two groups? Is that a rule?

This is the catch with secondary school. Although your freedom is extended in comparison to primary, you still have boundaries. There’s still limits. Although the choice of people in my school grew from the countryside to the extended towns, it is still confined to the immediate surrounding areas. As a result of this, the influences and “normality” is relatively the same in all areas. I mean think about it – the telly 2km over the road isn’t gonna be showing anything drastically different to the telly here? We’re all watching pretty similar, if not the exact same things, being influenced in similar ways. We’re all going out to the same places, seeing the same people, wearing the same things – that’s forming a sense of normality. So now put someone in the mix who’s not wearing the usual shit – it’s gonna cause confusion. People are gonna be uncomfortable because they can’t understand it so they’re instinctive response is to reject it.

This is the core problem with secondary schools. “Normality” is created. Our social circle is limited hence so are our influencers. Of course the internet is vast with thousands of influences available at our fingertips but it’s a lot harder to embrace your differences in the public eye, where you know you are open to criticism, in comparison to the comfort of your own home. For me I found fashion a big issue. Whilst other girls were discussing the thousandth shade of nude lipstick they wanted to buy, I was dreaming of painting my lips blue. And for some reason people could just not get their head around why I would want avatar lips. And it wasn’t that it was overly personal criticism, it was just that people could quite literally not understand why I would want such things, while on the other hand I could not understand why it was so hard to accept my style. This applies to much more than clothes though, there’s a sense of “normality” in theory too. From the moment we are born we are building up a sense of right and wrong and it just keeps adding and adapting through our lives. Depending on how you were raised, you may have strong beliefs on certain topics and little room for consideration of opposing beliefs. Once again the fact secondary school students are usually from a reasonably similar area, their beliefs are usually similar creating.. “normality”. Anyone who questions these beliefs/thoughts usually receives guff like how dare you think for yourself and challenge societies norms, jeese get in line!! So to sum up secondary school in two words, I’d have to say: closed minded. Yeah go on, hit me with your hate for calling y’all out. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone but as a general rule I think it’s fair to say secondary school has a pretty much “follow the flock” type attitude and anyone who goes against this mostly gets dirty looks so I think “close-minded” is a fair way of describing that.

Now to get to the exciting part!!!!!

Secondary school doesn’t last forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For me this was college so I’m gonna describe my experience from my point of view as a college student. But I am aware not everyone will be attending college so I’m gonna touch on that too so bear with me people!!

For those of you planning to attend CoLLeGe let me just tell you right now it’s gonna be amazing. And I know this is a bold statement, I don’t even know you or your story so how can I make promises like that? You’re totally right, I can’t! But what I can say is, if you want it to be amazing then it will be. I’m a firm believer that life is what you make of it, you have a choice to look at the glass as half empty or half full. It’s up to you to create the life you want for yourself. The amazing thing about college is it opens you up to so many opportunities to help you achieve these goals. Without boring you too much with the details (I’ll save that for another day), prior to college I suffered a lot with negative thoughts surrounding all aspects of my life- image, friends, confidence- you name it and I probably worried about it. Coming to college my aim was to reverse this and become a more confident, positive person and honestly it felt as though the universe wanted this just as much as I did because opportunities seemed to keep falling into my lap.

Firstly I think the biggest problem surrounding secondary schooling is friends.. “Why didn’t they invite me” .. “I wonder are they talking about me” .. “She just looked at me funny”. Forget it. Erase them thoughts. That shits so last year. Trust me, in college you’re gonna be like Charlie wandering around the Chocolate Factory with the amount of people you’ll have on selection for your friends list. It’s common sense really, going from a school of about 600 students to a college of about 16,000 you are bound to find at least one or two solid friends. I’m all for uniqueness and such but let’s be realistic here, you’re probably not the only person on the planet who loves Paramore (unfortunately atm it still feels like it) and with a choice of 16,000 people it’s likely there’s a few more parawhores in there. The point is college is the time to find “your people”. I think a lot contributes to the fact friendships are easier in college. The big one, I think, is the fact you’re in a specific course surrounded by people who also picked that specific course. Ultimately, this heightens the chance of you guys “clicking” as you already share the common ground of your course choice, who knows what else you can bond over! Usually people in the same course are on pretty similar wave lengths with regards all aspects of life. In my case, as a journalism student, I am in a course surrounded by people who share a love for writing. Writing is a creative past time so this increases the likelihood of those within the course perhaps sharing a similar love for other creative things like art, photography, fashion >>> ie. be my best friend. So you want to do law in college – just from that simple course choice you will have the understanding that everyone in that course shares the same passion for justice and order as you do, that creates an automatic bond as you already have a basic understanding of one another.

But let’s say despite all this, your course peers aren’t cutting it for ya? Don’t worry, clubs & socs got your back. I’m no expert on the colleges nationwide but I’m sure they’re somewhat similar to mine so you shouldn’t be too short of a selection of clubs. For me, there’s more of a variety of clubs & societies available than I even thought possible! The beauty of this, with regards friends, is that they’re literally aimed at specific interests- you’re not gonna meet someone in surf club who hates surfing, you’re all there because you like it. It’s similar to course choices in the sense it creates an automatic common ground between all members opening you up to new friendships.

To further extend your friend group there’s parties and night outs, which I can assure you there is no shortage of. It’s no secret that college is notorious for it’s drinking scene but a lot more factor into nights out than just that. Before college I had only ever been to 2 different nightclubs, both within my extended local area and a couple of pubs. You can probably guess what I’m gonna say next- this meant the music genres were limited and the vibe was kept quite general. Given that college has such a diverse network of people from not only all over Ireland but all over the world, this creates a need for a diverse range of clubs and pubs for all types of people. All niches are satisfied because everyone is getting exactly what they want without interfering with anyone else’s needs. If you want mainstream pop there’s a place for you, you want oldies and Indie vibes I know the spot, techno? sure thing. That’s the thing about college, there’s something and someone for everyone.

Another obvious perk about college is the FrEEd0m. You know the reigns we were talking about previously?? Well they’re all yours now baby!! You are in control. Once again, using myself as an example, I live in student accommodation and only come home for the weekends, as do most college students. This literally means I went from living at home for almost 19 years of my life to living in a house with 5 strangers 5 days a week. Let me break that down for you- that’s 19 years of my life, spent being pampered through potty training all the way up to adulthood coming home every evening from school to a cooked dinner on the table. My whole life up until college worked on a rather rigid timeframe. Schooling, from primary all the way through secondary, were similar in the sense they both entailed a strict schedule- get up, get the bus, endure school, come home, eat dinner, arse about, sleep, repeat. That went on 5 days a week, followed by 2 days to catch up on all the sleeping and arsing about I missed out during the week. Bear in mind, all of this went on whilst being confined to the limits set by my parents. Not that my parents were ever strict, I consider myself quite lucky in how liberal my parents are, but regardless of this I still lived under their roof which meant I still answered to them. I wanted a day off school? Gotta run it past mom. Wanted friends over? Dad. Wanted to go somewhere? Ask mom. And these were just my home bosses, school came with their own. You don’t have a choice in school, you’ve a set of compulsory subjects you simply have to do and a minimal selection of optional subjects to choose from. As if this isn’t bad enough you have a list of rules the size of the bible and teachers breathing down your neck every second of the day waiting for you to do some stupid shit so they get a chance to scrawl their signature across your journal.

And then you get to college and it’s like a weight is taken off your shoulders. Suddenly you are living on your own timeframe, living your own life for YOU. College schedules, depending on your course, tend to be a lot more flexible, it’s unusual to have the same rigidity as you would have had in secondary school. For example, my starting hours differ everyday- I might start at 9am one day and start at 3pm the next, I could have 3 hours one day and 1 hour the next. This leaves you with much more free time than you probably would have ever experienced before. Living away from home also eliminates the problem of your parents watchful eye. Although I don’t encourage people to take advantage of this for the wrong reasons, it’s useful for practical reasons such as simply living an adult life. It enables you to make your own decisions without your parents whispering in your ear. Obviously there’s the fun aspect of this, partying in college is a given so living away from home gets rid of the issue of having to face your parents questions about where you stayed last night or why you’re home so late- you don’t have to answer to anyone. As I said you’re the director of your own life which brings with it a lot of responsibility but with the correct balance it can be a lot of fun.

N0 C0llege, No Pr0blem

Did yis think I was forgetting about ye?

Of course there’s the thousands of people of which, for whatever reason, college is just not an option for. And before I go any further, just to make it absolutely crystal clear, that is perfectly okay!! There’s no “one fits all” in life, not everything will suit everyone and college is no different. For some people, education may have never been a strong point or particular interest and that’s okay. Although I do believe in the importance of education, it’s not the be all and end all. I think in contemporary society, colleges and universities are hyped up on the basis of status more so than someones intellectual ability. I’m a university student and I’ll be the first to admit my future career doesn’t require the brain of a biologist or pythagorus’s theorem. It’s a practical job which requires a particular set of skills which one can learn through practise, as I am sure plenty other jobs can relate to. Often the way it goes is, if one is not gifted with their mental capacity to absorb information, this is made up for in their physical capacity to do things with their hands. Basically if you’re not brainy, you’re handy. Neither one is better than the other, they’re both equally as important to help the world go round. My advice is, and please don’t hold me to it as I’m no expert, but if you hate school then why put yourself through the torture of going through more years learning from the books in college? Why not focus your attention and energy towards looking for some practical work for yourself perhaps by seeking a permanent position in a job or looking at available apprenticeships? And I know you might be thinking “but what social life will I have then?”. Honestly I don’t know what way your social life will go but what I do know is if you are in college doing a course you hate simply for the social aspect, you will not be happy in yourself. You will either end up free riding a course you hate for the full duration and end up with a degree in a job you despise, or you’ll end up dropping out or failing and having to deal with your parents disgust and disappointment in the money they wasted. I honestly believe when you are true to yourself and do what you love, the universe will reward you. It’s pretty similar to college courses as in an apprenticeship or such you’re gonna meet similar people and blah blah blah, you know the story by now.

Basically the moral of the story is don’t be disheartened by secondary school. If things are going bad I can guarantee they will get better. This is the most cliche thing to say but always be true to yourself. I know that’s a simple 5 worded motto but it packs a lot of meaning and is a lot harder said than done, but please try and live by that. Write it down, say it out loud every day, re-read it. Do whatever it takes until you start to believe it. Because when you start being YOUrself, you will attract what is meant for YOU. Secondary school may be too suffocating for you to spread your wings but the minute you leave that place just do it. Just fly and don’t look back.







RA!NBOW #3; Orange

*Disclaimer* Skip to the end if you ain’t interested in a long ass lecture

F for Fashion ..

F for Fun

Coincidence? I think not. Fashion is fun. Dress, express, (potentially depress) with your kick-ass outfits. That’s what fashion is all about.

Shoutout to all y’all out there sticking your noses up at this outfit calling it ridiculous because to be honest, you’re probably right. This is a ridiculous outfit, I mean realistically I’m a 19 year old in pigtails wearing mens boxers I bought in a Reese’s store, so you have a point. But then what about the ball of hair tied in a knot at the top of your head? Somehow I doubt it’s up there receiving satellite signals so then what exactly is it’s purpose? Or how about the mesh tops we, girls, pay almost as much for as a padded insulated coat with less than a fraction of the material? Hmm, just an idea but maybe, just maybe these things could be deemed just as “ridiculous” as my pigtails or boxer shorts. As they say, touche .. Carly Shea (if you know you know). Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

But seriously I get it, it’s weird, it’s different, it’s not what you’re used of. So naturally, you reject it. It makes sense. But think for a moment where do the trends we follow begin in the first place? Just like everything in life, there’s a root. In relation to trends, usually the root is one person or group who begin to practice a certain trend, building up a following who then copy this practice hence making it a “trend”. Let’s stick with top knots for a minute. I’m not even gonna lie, I don’t have the slightest clue who started this trend all I know is I woke up one day and it was suddenly “cool” to lob a bundle of hair on the top of your head. But for the sake of this, let’s say Alexa Chung (first name that popped into my head, don’t even argue she’s amazing) thought to herself wouldn’t it be cool to take my own twist on Ariana Grande’s half up half down? So Ms Chung, being the fashion guru she is, began wearing her hair in a top knot. Now bear in mind, as we have previously determined, anything out of the ordinary doesn’t usually sit well with us, humans. So no doubt, Alexa’s top knot was probably subjected to a number of lame ass jokes- “Oh Alexa I think a massive bird shit on your head” .. “Why is there a doughnut on her head, mummy?” .. “Ms Chung it would appear you misplaced a crumpet on your head” – haw haw Paul you’re f**king hilarious. However, despite all the guff, the trend prevailed. Why is that? Because more people started doing it. That’s literally it. As humans we grow fond of things we see most often. It’s a fact. People kept seeing pictures of Alexa and her top knot and the number of people copying her began to grow hence creating a “trend”. Everyone else is doing it so then why aren’t you? So before you know it you’re heading home to mummy with one of them doughnuts on your head. Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

Do you follow? Nope, well let me spell it out for you. My point is if Hollywood big shots and Insta gurus began strutting around wearing pigtails and boxers you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid, you’d just jump straight on the bandwagon with little thought about it. You’d follow the flock well because that’s exactly IMG_3616what we seem to do. But when someone of no status, such as myself, decides to step outside societies box, and do something that’s not #trending, its almost frowned upon.

So today’s lesson is as my friend Emilie says “f**k society and f**k everyone else. Be you”

Okay so after almost a page of writing I am finally getting to the purpose of this post which is ORAAAANGEEE.

For part 3 of my RA!NBOW series I’m discussing the commonly under-credited colour, orange. And yes I am totally guilty of this, most of the time I forget orange is even an option like why is that because it’s actually a great colour.

I’ve done enough babbling, let’s get down to business. I didn’t have anything in mind when creating this outfit it kind of just came together but I guess in the finish you could call it some kind of twist on a barbie doll?? Thrown up on by a massive PB eating monster?? Forced to wear high knee boots by a biker gang?? Yeah.. maybe scratch the barbie thing.

So first off can we admit these boxer shorts are amazing. Reeses PB cups + men’s boxers + fashion – could anything make me happier? Doubtful. Yeah you’re right we should probably face the elephant in the room which is that yes, they are boxers. So now that that’s out the way what does that actually mean? I mean I know technically it’s bad or at least it should be according to societies standards but what is actually wrong with wearing mens boxers as part of an outfit?

a) they’re not revealing- in fact they’re less revealing than most shorts girls wear

b) they’re comfortable af- need a nap in the club? they’re your man

c) they’re not actually doing any harm??

So the top is pretty self explanatory. I’m a girl and in some retrospects, a baby.

The hair is my personal favourite. I forgot how much fun it is to wear pig tails and now that I’ve had a taste for it, I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. So brace yourself for a Junior Infants Enz.

I think I’ve done enough talking now so gonna let you go with this last little reflection :

be your own muse 🙂 

sunglasses @ pretty little thing

boxer shorts @ Reeses store

bandeau top @ h&m

boots @ Processed with VSCO with av4 preset


Orange you glad you caught this post?

C’mon you’d be a fool to not see that one coming.



Santa Baby

Yes, it’s January. So then why am I writing a Christmas themed post? Well aside from the festiveness of this post, it’s aim is to teach you how to revamp clothing using fluff, which is something you can apply to outfits all year long. So don’t be fooled by the silly season, there’s much to learn 🙂Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Just to put this outfit in context, I wore it to 12 pubs. This is where you’re probably wondering why the hell I put so much effort into a night out where traditionally everyone wears Christmas jumpers, you’re not suppose to “dress up”. This was my 3rd time taking part in 12 pubs- I did the classic jumper look, I sported the jumper dress outfit so I thought what next? I wanted to mix things up a bit and after all Christmas is the silly season, everyone has an inner Buddy The Elf and what better night than 12 pubs, a night that feeds of Christmas excitement, to express that? It doesn’t take a genius to notice my outfit was inspired by the big man himself, Santa Claus and everyone who knows me knows how much I love fluffy things so this outfit couldn’t have suited me better!

Now that you know the background, lets get down to the business of making it. As I said in the start this is a “revamping” tutorial so I didn’t, in fact, make the garments but rather bought them and then added on the fluff. This process is a lot easier than one may think. First thing to make clear is it doesn’t require any sewing skills whatsoever, it’s entirely no-sew! As opposed to using thread to hold down the fluff, you use fabric glue. I know the thought of using glue to hold an outfit in place is quite daunting. You’re probably getting flashbacks right now to arts ‘n crafts using prit stick to glue feathers on a page. I get that but trust me when I say it works!! Bear in mind fabric glues whole purpose is to hold fabric in place so the fact it does what it says on the tin shouldn’t come as such a shock. But this is something to remember; if you want to glue fabric, use FABRIC glue. No other glue will work, it’ll just make a mess. Speaking of messes, be as careful as possible using this glue because its incredibly sticky.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m yet to experience a mess-free encounter with it and I’ve used it a couple of times now. It dries quite quickly so if it gets on a surface try and remove it asap. One thing I have noted with fabric glue is that it’s capability differs depending on the type of fabric you use. It works best with free flowing fabrics such as regular polyester clothing. I think this is because stiffer fabrics make it difficult for the fabric glue to soak in and reshape once dried, whereas polyesters naturally free flowing material allows the setting process to run smoothly.

The application process is pretty self explanatory so I’m not going to spend long explaining it. You literally apply glue wherever you want there to be fluff, then place the fluff down on it and allow it to dry. It takes a few hours for the glue to set, I would recommend leaving the fabric over night to ensure it dries properly. The glue has quite a strong scent so perhaps it would be best to leave it in an area that wouldn’t bother you.

Important Points:

  1. It HAS to be Fabric Glue!!
  2. Its sticky so use with care
  3. Its smelly so do it in an appropriate place
  4. Try to use free-flowing fabrics
  5. Allow plenty drying time

To spice this outfit up and make it more seasonal, I added a belt and mini Santa hair clip. I hope this helps anyone interested in revamping their own clothing!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

crop top @ boohoo

flares @ pretty little thing

belt @ boohoo

fabric glue @ amazon

fluff @ ribbon moon




You know what that means? Plaster yourself in glue and roll around in some glitter, obviously!!

Considering I have almost 300 pins on Pinterest of solely 1920’s glitz and glam, it’s hardly surprising that New Years Eve is one of my favourite nights in the year. Bearing this in mind I will admit I did splash the cash on this particular outfit.. but it was totally worth it, I mean cmon look at them sequins!!


Firstly, to state the obvious, yes this is the Paris Hilton/ Kendall Jenner inspired dress, except to spice things up I decided to go for it in the rose gold rather than silver. Although the silver dress look is iconic, I consider it to be quite a cold look, whereas the rosey tones are warmer and in many ways more “new years evey”. So now that we got that cleared up can we take a moment to appreciate the dresses shear beauty- every gold sequin, the cowl neck, the silver choker, backless- basically it was made for New Years.


With all that said, it kills me to be a Debby Downer, but I have to admit this dress wasn’t the easiest to wear. The silver choker chain is, in fact, what is holding the dress up. Hence, if the chain comes down, the tits come out, which is for obvious reasons problematic. Naturally, as one does on a night out, I was dancing which didn’t make keeping the chain in place any easier. If you plan on wearing this dress than body tape is your new best friend because you’re gonna wanna strap those bad boys in. Aside from all of this, I don’t regret wearing this dress for no other reason than I simply love it.



Seen as I already had a glitzy 1920s inspired dress I thought to heck with it I might as well go the extra mile and throw on a fur wrap too. This wrap not only was the perfect addition to my outfit but it also proved to be extremely practical in keeping me warm (let’s face it Ireland ain’t no Bahamas especially in winter).







To complete the outfit I opted for rose gold heels to keep the theme going, might I add this will probably be the last time you see me in heels for a long time – they just ain’t worth the pain ladies. IMG_3023


dress @prettylittlething

heels @boohoo

fur wrap @primark

scrunchie @primark