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contovers. girl

The reason I picked this name is simple really. I’m controversial. I dress different. I wear different makeup. I think differently. I’m different to your average girl. And for a long time I thought of this as a burden, it constantly left me with having to make decisions about myself-  should I dress how I wanna dress and just brush off the criticism? Or should I dress like the other girls and fit in? And to be honest I’ve done a bit of both. I’m not one to put people in boxes, but for the sake of this argument, generally people reject those who don’t follow social norms, it’s like a human default programmed into us. I mean if you see a girl walking down the street in head-to-toe sequins and rainbows, you’re gonna stop and stare. Here’s where the difference comes in: some people will look at this girl in awe of her creativity and think you go-girl, whereas others will be dialling for the men in white coats to come take the lunatic, who dared to be different, away. But why is this? What’s so bad about someone wanting to stand out from the crowd? Why is it acceptable for people to have different tastes in food but it’s a big ordeal when someone wants to wear all black or be painted in tattoos? They’re both conflicts of interest but then what makes one different from the other? Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but everyone is also entitled to self expression. For me, personally, I feel most comfortably expressed in bright colours but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate someone decked out in all black because to me that signifies they’re happiest represented by black, black gives them the same feeling bright colours give me, so how could I hate on that?

Self-expression is everything. It’s one of the only free things in life that can set you soul on fire. It took me a long time to feel comfortable in being myself but I now realise when you are true to yourself you will be happier in yourself and attract those who add to that happiness.

..And so the reason I’m starting this blog is because I want to add colour to people’s lives, particularly those who are having a tough time finding themselves because I know it would have been a lot easier for me having someone to tell me all of this. Self-expression is the theme of my blog, through: words, clothes, makeup, music. Everything.

SeLf ExPrEsSiOn is keyyy xx


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