Ra!nbow #1; The Blues

Research shows that bright colours encourage positive mental health so since my blog is based on positive self expression I thought it would be a good idea to do a series on brightly coloured outfits… Hence I ended up head-to-toe in blue.

Despite the fact I look like I’m on my way to an electro rave, blue actually primarily symbolises serenity, bringing to mind images of tranquil waters or cloud-free skies, blue is a peaceful colour. But clearly I don’t look like a tranquil wave; ultimately colour is subjective. In this case I’m going for alien trippy kinda vibes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A general rule I follow for most of my outfits is to try and mix up the textures in the clothing to give the look a more diverse finish. As you can see here I co-ordinated crepe, mesh and fluff all into one outfit. A lot of people put their energy into choosing colours and patterns rather than looking at the fabric itself which can be just as essential to an outfit. Under the mesh crop top I opted to wear a plain baby blue bra as I wanted to stick to the simplicity of a one coloured outfit. It isn’t until the trousers that some variety is introduced; blue running through white rather than entirely blue. These wide leg trousers are my favourite part of the outfit- not only do they look good but they feel good! A common problem with clothing, particularly trousers, is that often they look great but are uncomfortable to wear – you can’t sit down/ can’t cross your legs/ have to lose 10 pounds- you have to endure the outfit rather than enjoy it. The beauty of these trousers is they’re so comfortable and flowy you could almost sleep in them! To complete my outfit I paired my trusty go-to rope necklace to create a sort of symmetry to the outfit. The fluffy blue earrings are a creation of my own which I will explain in another blog post. Braiding my hair was a last minute decision that came to mind at the end of the outfit- it just seemed like an appropriate touch – I kept the hair bobbles (the bobble/ go-go/ scrunchy debate continues- call em what you want, you get the gist) in sync with the theme using blues and light greens. And of course, what would a blue outfit be without a blue lip? This blue lippy is an absolute favourite of mine, it adds such a pop of colour in an area people often overlook and in this case draws more attention to the colour scheme.

If you wanna be blue like me daba-dee-daba-da – sorry it was too irresistible it was bound to happen – then go for it!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

crop top @tkmaxx

bra @primark

chain @riverisland

earrings by moi (will feature in an upcoming post in DIY Fly)

trousers @h&m

lipstick @nyxvividbrights

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