RA!NBOW #2; Barbie G!rl

For Part Two of this series I’m gonna show you two different takes on the same outfit, both guaranteed to keep em winkin’ !


First things first, I know what you’re thinking but yes. You can wear an outfit twice.

To put it simply, the majority of people are not fortunate enough to have an endless surplus of new clothing. Most people have to make do with what they have, so then it’s no surprise an outfit may make an appearance twice. The trick is to add variety to the outfit to differentiate between each time you wear it. This can be something as simple as changing your shoes or jewellery. Although the outfit is technically the same, the added accessories add a sort of diversion, drawing attention to the newest features.

Based on this recycling principle, when I’m buying new clothes I try to keep in mind at least 3  possible outfits I can create using the clothing in question. By using this mindset, I’m ensuring I get value for money and also maximising the potential of the clothing.

For me, my wardrobe is constantly growing and a lot of the time that leaves me thinking “If only I had this when I wore X outfit” .. but then I think, what’s stopping me recreating the outfit now with this newest addition? Think of it like a fashion evolution .. your outfit is evolving into a new and improved version of itself, what’s not to love?

Different outfits apply to different settings. But what if I told you, you can adapt the same outfit to fit different situations? This is exactly what I did here by turning a night look into a day time look in a few simple steps.



The above image is a “ready-to-hit-the-town-Enya”. For this outfit, I was going for a “Barbie meets Nicki Minaj” type look.

Let’s face it, girls own pink. I can remember strutting around in plastic pink high heels and a pink princess dress as a child or freezing to death at school with no coat on, on non-uniform days just to show off my new Barbie top. Pink symbolises womanhood, it’s empowering, it’s sexy. And that’s exactly how this outfit made me feel. The bralet allowed me to show just enough skin, paired with the culottes toning it down into a sophisticated number.

As I previously mentioned in my “Blues” edition of the series, mismatching textures is a law I follow in many outfits. In this look I combine fur, crepe and velvet and as you can see the end result of the contrasting fabrics is quite visually appealing. The shades of the pink also differ slightly, adding a subtle element of variety to the outfit.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am obsessed with fluff. Anything fluffy and I want it. It’s such a fun fabric to play around with. If I ever feel an outfit is lacking a bit of life, I will add a fluffy clutch or fluffy heels to add some excitement. These heels are, in fact,  a creation of my own, which you can learn to create in my DIY Fly category.


Now watch the outfit transformed into daytime apparel


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


As you can see there’s no magical wizardry behind it. I literally added a cap and turtle neck and swapped the clutch for a Barbie bumbag.

Despite these minor changes, the outfit has adapted an entirely new vibe. “Ready-to-hit-the-town-Enya” is now “Ready-to-hit-the-sports-field-Enya” (trendy sideliner more-like).

Another fashion hack to live by has to be layering. Layer. Layer. Layer. I can’t stress how important layering is to me in terms of creating outfits. Not only does it achieve the 90’s vibe I strive to achieve but it also is practical as it keeps you warm. Trendy and flu resistant? Sounds like a winner to me! Bralets, just as I did in this outfit, are ideal for layering but corsets, leotards and even camis are a good idea too.

bralet @forever21

culottes @zara

heels @publicdesire (customised by moi)

necklace @riverisland

fluffy clutch @prettylittlething

barbie bumbag @vintage

hat @vintage

lipstick @nyxvividbrights

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