You know what that means? Plaster yourself in glue and roll around in some glitter, obviously!!

Considering I have almost 300 pins on Pinterest of solely 1920’s glitz and glam, it’s hardly surprising that New Years Eve is one of my favourite nights in the year. Bearing this in mind I will admit I did splash the cash on this particular outfit.. but it was totally worth it, I mean cmon look at them sequins!!


Firstly, to state the obvious, yes this is the Paris Hilton/ Kendall Jenner inspired dress, except to spice things up I decided to go for it in the rose gold rather than silver. Although the silver dress look is iconic, I consider it to be quite a cold look, whereas the rosey tones are warmer and in many ways more “new years evey”. So now that we got that cleared up can we take a moment to appreciate the dresses shear beauty- every gold sequin, the cowl neck, the silver choker, backless- basically it was made for New Years.


With all that said, it kills me to be a Debby Downer, but I have to admit this dress wasn’t the easiest to wear. The silver choker chain is, in fact, what is holding the dress up. Hence, if the chain comes down, the tits come out, which is for obvious reasons problematic. Naturally, as one does on a night out, I was dancing which didn’t make keeping the chain in place any easier. If you plan on wearing this dress than body tape is your new best friend because you’re gonna wanna strap those bad boys in. Aside from all of this, I don’t regret wearing this dress for no other reason than I simply love it.



Seen as I already had a glitzy 1920s inspired dress I thought to heck with it I might as well go the extra mile and throw on a fur wrap too. This wrap not only was the perfect addition to my outfit but it also proved to be extremely practical in keeping me warm (let’s face it Ireland ain’t no Bahamas especially in winter).







To complete the outfit I opted for rose gold heels to keep the theme going, might I add this will probably be the last time you see me in heels for a long time – they just ain’t worth the pain ladies. IMG_3023


dress @prettylittlething

heels @boohoo

fur wrap @primark

scrunchie @primark


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