RA!NBOW #3; Orange

*Disclaimer* Skip to the end if you ain’t interested in a long ass lecture

F for Fashion ..

F for Fun

Coincidence? I think not. Fashion is fun. Dress, express, (potentially depress) with your kick-ass outfits. That’s what fashion is all about.

Shoutout to all y’all out there sticking your noses up at this outfit calling it ridiculous because to be honest, you’re probably right. This is a ridiculous outfit, I mean realistically I’m a 19 year old in pigtails wearing mens boxers I bought in a Reese’s store, so you have a point. But then what about the ball of hair tied in a knot at the top of your head? Somehow I doubt it’s up there receiving satellite signals so then what exactly is it’s purpose? Or how about the mesh tops we, girls, pay almost as much for as a padded insulated coat with less than a fraction of the material? Hmm, just an idea but maybe, just maybe these things could be deemed just as “ridiculous” as my pigtails or boxer shorts. As they say, touche .. Carly Shea (if you know you know). Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

But seriously I get it, it’s weird, it’s different, it’s not what you’re used of. So naturally, you reject it. It makes sense. But think for a moment where do the trends we follow begin in the first place? Just like everything in life, there’s a root. In relation to trends, usually the root is one person or group who begin to practice a certain trend, building up a following who then copy this practice hence making it a “trend”. Let’s stick with top knots for a minute. I’m not even gonna lie, I don’t have the slightest clue who started this trend all I know is I woke up one day and it was suddenly “cool” to lob a bundle of hair on the top of your head. But for the sake of this, let’s say Alexa Chung (first name that popped into my head, don’t even argue she’s amazing) thought to herself wouldn’t it be cool to take my own twist on Ariana Grande’s half up half down? So Ms Chung, being the fashion guru she is, began wearing her hair in a top knot. Now bear in mind, as we have previously determined, anything out of the ordinary doesn’t usually sit well with us, humans. So no doubt, Alexa’s top knot was probably subjected to a number of lame ass jokes- “Oh Alexa I think a massive bird shit on your head” .. “Why is there a doughnut on her head, mummy?” .. “Ms Chung it would appear you misplaced a crumpet on your head” – haw haw Paul you’re f**king hilarious. However, despite all the guff, the trend prevailed. Why is that? Because more people started doing it. That’s literally it. As humans we grow fond of things we see most often. It’s a fact. People kept seeing pictures of Alexa and her top knot and the number of people copying her began to grow hence creating a “trend”. Everyone else is doing it so then why aren’t you? So before you know it you’re heading home to mummy with one of them doughnuts on your head. Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

Do you follow? Nope, well let me spell it out for you. My point is if Hollywood big shots and Insta gurus began strutting around wearing pigtails and boxers you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid, you’d just jump straight on the bandwagon with little thought about it. You’d follow the flock well because that’s exactly IMG_3616what we seem to do. But when someone of no status, such as myself, decides to step outside societies box, and do something that’s not #trending, its almost frowned upon.

So today’s lesson is as my friend Emilie says “f**k society and f**k everyone else. Be you”

Okay so after almost a page of writing I am finally getting to the purpose of this post which is ORAAAANGEEE.

For part 3 of my RA!NBOW series I’m discussing the commonly under-credited colour, orange. And yes I am totally guilty of this, most of the time I forget orange is even an option like why is that because it’s actually a great colour.

I’ve done enough babbling, let’s get down to business. I didn’t have anything in mind when creating this outfit it kind of just came together but I guess in the finish you could call it some kind of twist on a barbie doll?? Thrown up on by a massive PB eating monster?? Forced to wear high knee boots by a biker gang?? Yeah.. maybe scratch the barbie thing.

So first off can we admit these boxer shorts are amazing. Reeses PB cups + men’s boxers + fashion – could anything make me happier? Doubtful. Yeah you’re right we should probably face the elephant in the room which is that yes, they are boxers. So now that that’s out the way what does that actually mean? I mean I know technically it’s bad or at least it should be according to societies standards but what is actually wrong with wearing mens boxers as part of an outfit?

a) they’re not revealing- in fact they’re less revealing than most shorts girls wear

b) they’re comfortable af- need a nap in the club? they’re your man

c) they’re not actually doing any harm??

So the top is pretty self explanatory. I’m a girl and in some retrospects, a baby.

The hair is my personal favourite. I forgot how much fun it is to wear pig tails and now that I’ve had a taste for it, I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. So brace yourself for a Junior Infants Enz.

I think I’ve done enough talking now so gonna let you go with this last little reflection :

be your own muse 🙂 

sunglasses @ pretty little thing

boxer shorts @ Reeses store

bandeau top @ h&m

boots @ boohoo.com Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

Orange you glad you caught this post?

C’mon you’d be a fool to not see that one coming.

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