Check yo’self

You know when your outfit turns out exactly how you envisioned it, you nailed your makeup and even your lashes didn’t cause you hassle? As if the lookbook Gods came down from the heavens to bless you with a picture perfect outfit? We all have an outfit in mind reading this. Just so happens this one is mine.

Without further ado, let’s get outfit talkin’


This outfit packs a whole lot of attitude and oh boy did I feel it wearing it- I felt like I just stepped off the set of the next Step Up movie kitted out in my sporty urban attire.

The top half of the outfit is entirely from Pretty Little thing which I must say have a great range of edgy contemporary clothing that make you feel like you belong on a Pinterest moodboard and all for quite a reasonable price too! The black and white cropped “flag top”, as one of my friends referred to it, and the black and white striped Adidas joggers provided a nice sense of symmetry to the outfit, tying it all together. However, the contrast in patterns – striped on the pants and checkered on the top- created just the right  amount of spice to keep things fun.

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The Adidas joggers followed by the Adidas superstars made for a nice switcharoo, almost like a mirror image with the switch in stripe colours and also further contributing to the alternating black and white theme. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, the key to bomb outfits is playing with colours – different patterns, materials – it all adds to the end product.

The bralet added just the right amount of colour to break up all the black and white. The whole underboob look wasn’t intentional, in fact it was more an outfit malfunction that ended making the outfit better than I initially planned (I really did have someone watching over me that night lol).  It added an extra saucy twist on the outfit! The red to black and white combo is a classic look used and reused for decades now and it just doesn’t seem to get old- but hey you know what they say, if its not broken, don’t fix it!

And now for the accessories and suchhh..

I have to admit my favourite part of this outfit wasn’t the outfit itself but rather the hair that accompanied it. Unfortunately for the blog (but fortunately for me) I was having too much of a good time to take pics at the event so the images in this, in the blonde wig, are from a shoot I did at home but here’s a quick pic of my hair on the night >>

As you can see I’m a proper curly sue!! If it wasn’t such a painstakingly long process to get my hair to look like this Id probably be repping the Irish dancing look everyday. However, for the purpose of this blog I took some pics at home and decided to go with my blonde wig which I think works great too!

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Wigs are still something a lot of people are on the fence about but I think with the increasing popularity wigs are receiving on social media and such, they will start to become more acceptable. The way I see it is, none of us are 100% natural 100% of the time. Now of course as with everything there are exceptions, some people don’t do anything of the following and thats okay too, I’m not saying people aren’t good enough as they are, I think we are all beautiful as we are and we should all embrace ourselves in our skin. However, for a lot of us there is some attraction in sprucing up our regular selves to become our alter sexy ego. For many this means putting on makeup, tan, eyelashes, hair extensions, heels, padded bras .. All of these things could be deemed just as fake as wigs so then why is it wigs are so frowned upon? I’m the type of person who loves to constantly change up my look. Because of this Im often faced with the temptation to dye my hair but the problem with this is it’s just not good for it and a lot of the time a pain to reverse when I change my mind again in a weeks time. The perfect solution to this are wigs. Want pink hair today? Pop on the wig. Brown hair tomorrow? Go au-natural. Its ideal really! I’m not gonna go off on a rant about wigs but maybe its something to reconsider if you’ve been hating on them up until now.

In the process of recreating this look I decided to put a new twist on it by painting my eyelashes white with white liner. Although this decision was impulsive I was quite happy with how it turned out and wouldn’t be surprised if it made a re-appearance in the near future.

Anyway hope you enjoy x

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