The Clutch that ain’t Mu(t)ch

Ah the clutch struggle, I know it oh too well.

Every piece of an outfit is important to give it the finishing look you’re aiming for, so when your bag doesn’t quite work it can throw you off. It’s all fine and dandy visualising outfits in your head, planning where to get what and how to wear this, but reality can prove to be a totally different kettle of fish altogether. In reality a fashionable imagination doesn’t quite cut it, there’s this thing called money and I don’t have much of it. As a student without a job, might I add, spending €20/30 on a clutch I may only use once is something I simply cannot afford to do. However, in saying this I must admit sometimes temptation overcomes me and I end up buying a ravishing clutch for an imaginary fancy event, knowing deep down it’s probably never gonna see the light of day – Side note: My social life mainly consists of night clubs in which I’m not prepared to give up a drink holding hand for a teeny bag- fanny packs are the future.

Here comes the but.

So what if I told you, you could feed your imaginary fancy events dream on a budget? Gain some sass without losing a few pretty pennys.

First off, keep your eyes peeled. 

Keep a watchful eye for things that resemble clutches. Pencil cases, makeup bags, wallets .. you know what they say, if the shoe fits!

I think it’s fair to assume most girls are in on this secret but I’m sure theres a handful who haven’t dared try this trick for fear of being called out. I see so many pretty makeup bags and pencil cases on the daily, it doesn’t seem right for them to be used to store dirty pencil toppings and smudged in makeup, you’d be doing them a favour taking them out into the world to strut their stuff. And lucky for you, you won’t pay half as much for any of these items as you would a clutch.

Chain reaction.

I call this one the chain reaction because it happens to me everytime I find a new clutch substitute- See a pretty makeup bag or such, visualise some outfits with it then comes the downside when I realise if I wanna wear it I’ll have to carry it all day which is a major pet peeve of mine.

The solution to this is simple really- add a chain strap to the bag!

Now there are a few technicalities, par say –

A) You’ll need a chain- if you’re like me than you probably have a couple of clutches you probably bit your tongue and spent the money on, a lot of which come with a detachable chain- use this. If not, I did a little research and you can buy suitable chains on amazon for as cheap as €5, which would prove to be a good investment as you could switch it between clutches > (

B ). The best fabric for this method is a shell face plasticy coating (the scissors cuts this best).


Bag (Pencil case/ makeup ..)

Thumb tack


Hoopy Earrings




Step One: Decide on the areas you wish to have each of end of the chain beginning. Try
and keep it at the end of each side as this will keep the weight of the bag balanced and make it less likely to snap. Use the thumb tack to press a few little holes all close together in the areas you decided – this will make it easier for the scissors to cut through. Do this at each side of the zip (4 clusters in total)

Step Two: Push the scissors gently through the cluster of holes you created to make two holes parallel to each other on either side of the bag.


Step Three:  This depends on the type of bag you’re using so it may not apply to everyone. Sometimes, particularly with makeup bags there may be an inner lining of material- this will require some extra cutting as the scissors pushing through the outer coat may not have broken fully through the inner lining. If this happens you, simply cut around the area of the outer hole on the inner lining as so.


Step Four: Now that you’ve the holes created in both the outer and inner layers of the bag, on all ends of the bag you can push through the hoopy earrings. Once the hoopy earrings are through and clipped you can attach either ends of the clutch chain.

Voila! Got yourself a clutch.


Clutch used @primark

€2 on sale, originally a makeup bag.

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