A Day at the Races: Jackie O/Clueless Inspired

The races (aka the one day in the year fancy-event-rejects get to dress up as if they finally
got an invite to something besides the local GAA ATM) is an event pencilled into my calendar every year without fail. My most recent trip to the races was further a field
than most years, as this is my first year in college it was also my first year attending the infamous “Student Race Day”. The key word here, of course, being student. And what usually comes with being a student? Poverty. The only greater challenge a student will face besides trying to write a 2,000 word essay in 2 hours is trying to create a million-dollar outfit with a tenner. And in typical student style, trying to whip it all up last minute.

Here’s how I managed to create my own rendition of a classic Jackie-O/ Clueless inspired outfit, without breaking the bank.

First off I used the timeless yet

Awkward poses haven’t changed much since 2013

underrated tip of recycling my clothes. I wasn’t bluffing when I said different accessories can give the illusion of a whole new outfit, I mean look at this dress the first time I wore it in comparison to now- hardly recognisable! The rest of the outfit came together under the everlasting influence of the fashion icon Jackie O with a hint of Clueless. However, I must note, as the outfit began to materialise my own personal vision and style began to take centre stage with only the vague concepts of these influences playing a role in the finished outfit.

The “yellow theme” which I adapted for this outfit came from Jackie O’s iconic yellow outfit. In order to incorporate not only the yellow colour but also the classy essence of this outfit, I decided to add the collared shirt and hairband. I’m sure as most of you are aware you can now solely buy shirt collars without having to buy the whole shirt (convenient for collared-sweater looks etc). The problem with these are: a) they’re often really expensive and b) they don’t always provide the largest selection of possibilities. Me, being a student with no money to splurge and no time to waste looking for the perfect collar, decided to take matters into my own hands. I did 0C250B46-5AB9-41BD-B9AC-21DC485F6DB9what every other girl in doubt does- I went to Penneys. As always, my gyurl Penney didn’t fail me and I found myself a nice yellow plaid shirt in no time. Then what most will refer to as “The Hard Part”, which I like to call “the get-off-your-ass-and-make-yourself-useful part”. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how to cut up the collar:

  1. Mark out how long and wide you need the collar to be in order to fit the desired area. Try using a marker or better yet, fabric chalk.
  2. Cut the area as best to your markings as possible – always leave a little extra room just in case.

Yep, that’s all there is to it- its really that easy.

Now that were on the topic of DIY lets look to the hairband. E055358B-01A7-46E3-B8AB-9593310B7E44For the purpose of this outfit I used some of the excess shirt material as I wanted the collar and headband to tie together. In order to do this follow the same steps as you did for the collar except this time with a headband in mind. once you’ve completed those steps, follow the next additional steps to complete your headband:

3. Fold over the strip of shirt you cut and beginning tacking the open edges together. Although technically this is sewing it requires little to no sewing skills, you are just simply weaving in and out with thread which is knotted at the end.

4. When you reach the end of the thread release the needle and tie the bottom- Voila!!

“As if” (get it), the headband didn’t make me Clueless-y enough, I decided to add the cardigan. This cardigan is from a collection of staple pieces Penneys stocks all year long. I already own the black and navy cardigans so the mustard toned cardigan seemed an appropriate addition to not only the outfit in question but also my wardrobe.

Unfortunately due to my own poor judgement of shoe sizing, I had to swap my perfectly matched mustard heels for nude ones which fortunately enough didn’t entirely ruin the outfit. I chose to wear frilly socks with the heels to add that extra school-girl Clueless vibe with a touch of Jackie O’s grace.290C3A1C-3BB8-4E54-9062-6A5BBB5B2546

Last but most certainly not least to finish off the outfit I paired with it a Burberry bag (fake but we’ll let that slide). This tartan Burberry print is definitely something Cher Horowitz would approve of and fortunately for me so did my wallet as I picked it up for €3 in a charity shop!!

In total my outfit for the day cost me €20-€11 if you deduct the €9 I spent on the cardigan I planned on getting anyway.

Lesson of the day, ladies – cast an eye on what’s already in your wardrobe before you go putting your hand in your pocket to buy more.

mustard pointed heels €11 @primark IMG_8401

frilly socks €2 @primark

cardigan €9 @primark

dress @boohoo (unsure of price- bought it FIVE years ago)

nude heels @primark (bought a few years ago)

Burberry bag @charity shop

collared shirt €9 @primark

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