Many people are under the impression that those who put themselves out there on Instagram are perfect little beings living their perfect little lives on this perfect little platform- well no, they’re not.

I can see why you would think the opposite; “Instaqueen”ism oozes confidence, it screams “look at me” and why would someone attract that to themselves if they didn’t think they were the shit?

The thing is the people who post these pictures are, more often than not, the ones who care the most. It makes perfect sense really –  the more attention you put to the content you post, the more attention you’re gonna put to people’s responses. These guys are the ones who place the biggest importance on Instagram. It’s more than just another app taking up space on their phone or a platform to check up on their ex, it’s an outlet for them to release their inner creativity.

Think of football. At the root of a footballer is a love of the sport. They don’t kick ball to say they are better than anyone else, they do it because it unlocks a passion within themselves that nothing else achieves. However, no matter how good you are there’s almost always someone better than you, whether it be a teammate, a member of the opposition, your trainer – theres always someone.

Doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball, writing, cooking, whatever it is that you love has caused you self-doubt of some degree. This is the catch about humanity, the grass will always be greener in farther fields.

Instagram is no different, it’s just posting pictures of yourself. Don’t think just because they’re wearing a big smile in their posts, that they’re free of “the grass is greener” syndrome, they too look at “greater footballers” and throw a green eye to their “teammates”. Unfortunately, comparison is a blackhole that even the best of Instagrammers get sucked into. This notion that someone is better than you is something that Instagram tends to heighten as, in many ways, it’s whole purpose is to rub the parts of your life that you like, in other peoples faces. This concept works in your favour, when you’re posting your content but against you when you’re feeding into others. The thing is 90% of the time you spend on Instagram consists of you scrolling through other peoples content, rather than posting your own – that’s a hell of a lot of time to be obsessing over another human being. I bet when you read this you had at least one person on your
mind who’s account you check daily, posts you drool over, family members you know on a first name basis – If Instagram was real life we’d all get done for stalking and harassment and that’s a fact.

What people forget is that “Instagrammers” are real people too, so chances are all the unhealthy Insta habits you have, they got em too – probably even worse considering the extra emphasis they put on this platforms importance.

When you see a feed that is “Insta goals”, take note that that didnt happen by accident. There is a person responsible for making that look the way it does. When you see a perfect picture with great lightning and a great background, observe that that didnt happen by itself, it was calculated. Every outfit, every pose, every background – it’s all accounted for.

This isn’t to say everyone on the internets confidence is a facade, it’s just to make the point that confidence and perfect mental health aren’t part of the Insta-queen package. They don’t come free with a certain amount of followers or are set in stone after you hit 500 likes. Instagram and social media take their toll on everyone. Even the people you perceive to be the best, have their own obsessions too.

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