Put a Sock in It

What do you call an outfit without accessories?


Bo-ring *Ba dum tss!!*

Slight over-exaggeration but anywhoo the general consensus for this winter is accessories in, simplicity out.

There’s just something about socks lately that are ticking all of my boxes. For what many people treat as just an after thought, socks pack a lot of punch and can be the perfect ingredient to bring your outfit from a 3 to a 10.

So are you going to oblige to this new trend or do you need a visit from the fashion police?!

Before you make this life or death decision, first take a look at this selection of socks I hand picked especially for you guys.

Here are a number of socks that are going straight on my Santa’s list this Christmas.

Top of my hit list the past few months now has been the alternative brand, Unif. The colourful Pippy Socksbrand has a moderately large range of quirky socks that I believe everyone needs at least one pair of. With couples starting at only €8 there’s no excuse why you’re toes can’t be unif-ied.


Striped Logo Socks



Another top pick in the sock department are the range of Stussy socks. These tube socks Image result for stussy sockssuit almost any outfit. Whether they’re peaking out or under a pair of culottes or being shown off over a pair of tights, they’re something to see. The starting price for Stussy socks is a reasonable €15.

Image result for stussy socks



If you’re not as dedicated to the sock cause as me and ordering online seems a bit too keen, then why not pop your head into your nearest shops. Bershka has a nice low-budget range of funky socks.



Penneys are now selling sets of Kappa socks. €3.50 for 3 pairs. Comes in a black or a kappa sockswhite set. If you’re not so sold on the whole sock craze, I would definitely recommend getting a set of these and experimenting with outfits. I bet once you see them on you’ll never underestimate socks again.

One thought on “Put a Sock in It

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