Unwrite the Unwritten

The Unwritten Rules of Society.

Everyone knows them, even if you think you don’t, you do. These rules are what pave the way of our lives, even when we may not realise it, we’re subconsciously living by them. For example, why do you think we know not to go do our shopping in Aldi naked? I doubt you learned that in your lessons growing up. Something tells me learning to wear clothes whilst shopping didn’t come between using the magic words and washing your hands- and well, if it did then maybe you should get your upbringing checked. You see you never needed to be taught how to wear clothes, because you naturally knew to through your first hand experience in society. You learned through seeing and living in it.

Now this isn’t to say I want everyone to go into Aldi butt naked. It’s just to open your eyes to the fact that most unwritten rules aren’t binding. Now for the likes of getting your mickey out in Aldi, well sorry to disappoint but that’s actually illegal so that has no unwritten rule royalty’s. But there are so many other things in life which we consider to be concrete law when truly the only power they have is what us, as society give them.

A classic example is the old “difference in age” saga. For whatever reason there may be, relationships between two people with a considerable gap in their age is usually frowned upon. Obviously there are contributing factors to this- if you’re under the legal age, and so on, but aside from serious technicalities like that, then whats the problem? If I’m 20 and I want to date a 30 year old, what’s it to you?

Age really is just a number, just a series of figures to describe how long you’ve been on this planet for. If you wanna get really philosophical you could go as far as to question if time even truly exists, or even more existentially, if anything truly exists? After all, everything as we know it to be, is the result of concepts and ideologies that us humans have created in order to make life easier to understand. Basically we made everything up so whats to stop us re-making it up?

Maturation comes with age, I’ll give it that, but as I have said in previous posts, nothing is black and white. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Context is everything. You could meet a 60 year old and he could be as cracked as the crows, not an ounce of sense in his head and then meet a 20 year old as wise an owl. Of course maturity comes with experience and experience comes with time, but this is not always the case. In order for you to make the best possible life decisions for yourself, you need to first stop and look at life for what it is and not based on unwritten rules you were programmed to believe.

If you’re 20 and you meet a 30 year old man who ticks all your boxes and you believe to be the right person for you, don’t let imaginary social rules stop you from going for it. Don’t base your decision on shaky stereotypes, biased stigmas or immature jokes- trust your instincts. Open your eyes to the situation before yourself and base your choice on the context of your personal situation. Obviously if the person in question has a shady history, or whatever else then take that into account but make sure your decision is personalised to your life and not based off of social ideologies.

And if people judge you? WHO THE FCK CARES. I mean seriously if someone’s life is that uninteresting that they are actually gonna allow your relationship to rent space in their head then I know who my sympathy is going towards, and its not you. If you’re not into dating dads or personally find it too creepy for your own liking then thats cool but don’t hate on others for it. If you find a connection with someone then I think age is really irrelevant at that point.

Whether it be something as big as age in relationships or as minor as strange eating habits- don’t allow yourself to fall short because of silly unwritten social rules. My mantra in life for everything is: once you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else, I don’t care.

Moral of the story is don’t be so afraid to see for yourself rather than letting society dictate what you’ve seen before you’ve even opened your eyes.  Trust your own judgement. Don’t be afraid to step outside the boundaries society has put up, remind yourself that these boundaries don’t really exist. They’re not physically there, they’re just a mental block. Its not like you’re fenced off by laser beams and the minute you step outside the box, alarms will go off to arrest you. The most that will come of you “stepping outside the box” is you’ll get a few odd looks but honestly even that isn’t as bad as it seems. Once you’re outside of the “box” you’ll realise the secret that so many people aren’t aware of: the box never truly was there. You create your life. Not any made up rules, but you. You are the curator.

So unwrite the unwritten and rewrite your life the way you want it to be 🙂



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