Róise McIntyre- Poetry

Róise McIntyre, Aged 14

Aside from being my baby sister, Róise is a talented young creative constantly with a pen in hand scribbling down poetry.

One poem in particular, written by Róise is ‘Individual’ .. I’ll let the poem do the rest of the talking as it speaks for itself


Every girl should be there own individually beautiful, kind and known 

Every girl should be herself

true, honest and will be blessed 

Every girl should show herself through words, thoughts and by acts

So every girl should be proud and show that face cause your allowed 

Don’t let anyone’s words bring you down just stand up tall and don’t

you frown 

Cause no one else matters , unless you let them in 

But don’t you let them in, put that chin up and give them a grin 

Cause your a girl you should be proud and block them out like a rain cloud 

Cause your the boss, you own the place 

Now hold up that smile, beautiful face 

By Róise McIntyre

Be sure to leave your thoughts on this in the comments 🙂

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