This is probably my most requested post and for some reason my dumb ass is only getting around to doing it now.

I think it’s hard to pinpoint my style to one exact thing. I feel like, for me, I tend to choose my clothing and outfits based off of colours and patterns more so then “trends” or “styles”. It’s kind of a mix ‘n match affair for me- throw in a ‘lil bit of this, then a ‘lil bit of that and see what comes of it!


Yes, I know “but what about Instagram”- hush, hush that’ll have it’s moment, don’t you worry. But for now, let’s talk about the OG and forever my favourite: Pinterest.

I think there tends to be 3 types of people: those who use Tumblr, those who use Pinterest and those who use neither.

Needless to say, I fall into the Pinterest category and proudly so. So for those of you who haven’t used/ know of Pinterest, it’s basically a similar concept to Instagram in that it runs on a “feed” format, you can upload images and follow and message people. However, unlike Instagram, there’s a less of an emphasis on you to post your own content but rather more so for you repost other peoples content. I feel like I’m overcomplicating this with fancy lingo but basically, do you know them aesthetic hipstery accounts you see on insta? The ones with pics of majestic girls hanging out of the bathtub with roses and random shit? Ironically the pics characterised as being “Tumblry”? Well much of these pics originate from Tumblr or Pinterest. Pinterest works almost as a Google but for hipsters.

The best thing about Pinterest to me is how it works on algorithms, similar to Instagram so it stores data on what you seem to like and then continue to show you similar things to it.

You can “pin” all the images you like and put them in folders where you can go back later to look at. I literally have 4,409 pins .. I’m addicted! I get so much of my style inspo off Pinterest, it’s such a great hub to collect images of past Dior shows and such or even just shoots from UNIF or literally regular people who got style .. it’s all there!

I never post any of my own pics but I have built up a big folder on Style inspo which I have very kindly decided to share with whoever else would like to follow it! (This is literally a key to my brain- so much of my style inspo comes from here).

Since we’re on the topic of Pinterest, I may as well add in, not everything is style related. You can find content from all aspects of life. I have boards on My Wedding, Dream Home, DIY hacks .. you name it!

Another great perk is you can put boards on private which is exactly what I’ve done with the majority of these!


This is probably the most common place people go to for style inspo and for me, it’s no different.

Over the years the list of “Instagrammers” I take inspiration from has grown and grown.

Today here is the list of people who most inspire my looks:

(No doubt I forgot a few but anyway gwan)

#1 Mika Francis

I talk enough about her so it’s doubtful anyone is surprised by this one! Mika is one of my top inspirations- not just because of what she wears but also the message she sends. She has taught me so much about confidence, self expression and spirituality and although I don’t know her personally I feel so proud of all she has achieved and become (I followed her long before she moved to Bali and got as big as she is now so I feel like I lived that journey with her, watching her dreams unfold).

In terms of her style, it’s constantly evolving but one thing that always remains is that boldness and fearlessness to push the boundaries of fashion. Her style is a mix of anime, utility, summer, boy, girl .. she’s got it all going on. Her use of bright colours and patterns are reflected in my outfits.

Mika is what inspired me to get my first wig and since then I’ve been dying to expand the collection. She is constantly switching between hair styles and colours and is a perfect example of how fashion is meant to be fun!


#2 Confetti Crowd

Although Confetti Crowd is made up of 4 separate people to form one girl gang, I decided to include them all as the one as they’re very much a similar style to each other.

The Confetti Crowd girls will always have a special place in my heart as they were my first real introduction to style via Instagram and are actually what lead me to Mika Francis.

This girl group consists of 4 young female talents who came together to spread powerful messages, fashion and demonstrate the power of girl power.

Aside from styling sick outfits each of the girls have their own talents and desires:

Heidi Petite is a musician.

Lulu Trixabelle is a self made fashion designer and founder of the brand Shop Fluffy.

Heli Bells is the proud owner of her own vintage boutique called Sassy World.

And Tiger Lilly is fashion designer and founder of Easy Tiger.

So clearly these girls are a force to be reckoned with and shooting fashion out their ears. What I love most about these girls is their fearlessness when it comes to wearing patterns and bright colours. They are really what made me step outside my comfort zone and brighten up my wardrobe. Although as a group they’r slightly inactive now as they’re all off making their own dreams come true (so proud), you can still gain so much inspo from their group page or individual pages as they continue to kill the game serving whopper looks.

#3 Oanh

To put it to you straight- I know sweet fxck all about this girls back story but all I know is she got a killer Instagram and sense of style.

She’s a good follow up to Confetti Crowd as her style is super colourful and a little on the eccentric style but also so simple at the same time!

I do warn you though, she has a model body so beware if you’re like me you may get in sucked into that dark hole of comparison.

** Remember always put your mental health first. Don’t be afraid to delete someone or even turn off their post notifications for a while if you’re comparing yourself to them a little too much. ***


#4 Zoe

Not really “style” per say, more so makeup??

Still stylish as shxt though!

I’m not one for sitting down watching tutorials or doing looks or any of that but I still am a sucker for a good beat face. This girl is like the cross between art and makeup- she’s so creative with her looks and her feed is so pleasant to look at.

Even if you’re not into doing makeup, you can still get inspiration from her quirkyness.


#5 Styled by Me

This isn’t so much an influencer but rather just one of those pages where people post outfit grids.

In terms of style though I find it really helpful for ideas on how to put a full fit together.

The style is kind of urban 90s R&B-esque which I lovveeeee


#6 Keelin Moncrieff

Keelin is a style inspiration of mine who has since become a friend. What I love most about Keelin is how fearless she is in her honesty- the girl takes the expression “don’t hold back” to a new level as she spews her every thought and opinion with not an ounce of guilt.

The same could be said for her style and outfits as she’s not afraid to show a little extra flesh – despite what Tom, Dick or Harry might think.

Keelin, unlike the majority of the blogging/ YouTube community, has taken a different approach to her style as she tries to restrict her wardrobe to second hand or vintage finds. “Restrict” may have negative connotations as it implies it’s limited but as Keelin continuously proves in her ever changing outfits- the limits to vintage clothing are endless.

Although I always was a fan of vintage/ charity shopping (I’m a junkie for that rush when you find something good)- she has inspired me to up my game and shop even more sustainably.

Her vintage denim and oversized looks have become iconic in the Irish Instagram scene and the way she pulls off no makeup tops it all off!


#7 Erika Fox

Whilst we’re on the theme of Irish lassies may as well keep it going!

Erika Fox is an Irish YouTuber/ Blogger living up The American Dream in New York City. I debated whether or not to include Erika in this as, to be honest, our styles couldn’t be more different – she’s very classy, primarily wearing neutral tones whereas I am the opposite, mostly wearing eccentric bright colours and patterns.

However, the reason I included her is because of what she represents to me which is that with hard work, a whole lot of self belief and determination, even me, a wee Irish girl from the backarse of nowhere can make it in New York or anywhere else I set my mind to.

Her style is timeless and consists of neutral colours, fedoras, designer bags and blazers. She has reinvented chic in her own way and is much to be admired.


#8 Grainne Binns

Grainne is next up on my list of Irish girls!

Grainne is a 22 year old Instagram Influencer / YouTuber. She has previously mentioned her heavy influence from Mika Francis and this can be clearly seen in her outfits as they take a new twist of Mika’s looks.

She’s very playful with her hair styles and colour choices and her boldness in her outfit choices is something to be admired for other Irish girls looking to do the same!


#9 Yerrr

Tbh I’m not even sure if this is her actual name so apologies if it’s not!

Yer aka better known to me as wuzg00d not only rocks killer colourful outfits but she also plays around with her hair and makeup but in a weirdly wearable way?

Her outfits are street wear but with a big ass splash of colour, and her shoe game is amazing.


#10 Floguan

Okay so Floguan is my final inspo (I’m def missing so many if i think of them again I’ll add them).

Her instagram is once again (no surprise) full of colour and and experimentation between different fabrics and patterns.

Her edits are also really cool!


#11 Hannah Rossiter

How could I forget this absolute gem?

Hannah is another one out of my fabulous Irish gal gang who inspire me. What I love most about Hannah is how dedicated she is to the cause- this work is non stop posting content and for people who don’t use Instagram much I don’t think they realise how much time goes into content creation- so props to you Hannah, I notice your mad efforts!

Hannah’s main purpose is promoting cruelty free makeup and spreading love for animals- which I loveeee. It’s such a refreshing break from the usual typical Instagrammer spiel.

But back to the topic of fashion- Hannah’s instagram is so aesthetically pleasing to look at and her editing is so on point. She’s a woman of my own heart with all the patterns and bright colours she wears!

Also her colour series was sooo me, I lovvvveed it!


JUST A TIP: I find it really handy to save at least one pic of my fav instagram accounts because I know how easy it is to forget everyones names and then when you wanna go back and see something it can be hard to remember. This way it’s kept in your “saved” folder so the search is narrowed down! It’s also handy to put post notifications on for pages you really wanna see because the algorithms are fucked 😦 Save stuff for inspo too like a little Pinterest folder but on Insta!


OK so considering I’ve spent the majority of this year broke I feel like I’ve forgotten how to shop but here is a quick list of places I find have the best funky colourful shit that I like to wear:

Pretty Little Thing (Don’t kill me Keelin)

Boohoo (it has a bad rep but it can surprise you)





Dolls Kill

Lazy Oaf

The Ragged Priest

New Girl Order

Shop Fluffy

But seriously guys Keelin is right, it’s so important to try and switch our consumer habits to more sustainable means. Here are some methods of doing that:

Shop Vintage/ Charity shops:

Saol Nua Vintage

Dublin Vintage Factory

Charity Shops

Depop !!!

Sustainable brands


& more to come (I’m still educating myself but when I have a fuller understanding I’ll do a more in depth post)

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